I learn, you learn, he learns…

„I learn, you learn, he learns…“ dance.other-ai

Opening live March 2, 2012 in Lavardin, France with a performance streamed live over the internet at 7:30 UTC+! in both Munich, Germany and Manno-Lugano, Switzerland.


Stanford University offered in the fall 2011 -Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence) with identical coursework to its traditional physical classroom for free to all via the internet. Over 160,000 have signed up for the class.. This is enough people to form a real “culture” in both the cultural and petri dish senses of the word. This was a unique moment and rare opportunity to observe and participate in the evolution of internet culture as well.

Other-AI (Artistic Intelligence) was a parallel initiative that was also be freely available to the public. It presented multiple tools and techniques used today in contemporary art and allow the formation of an international collaborative art platform to develop a project in its own right:
“I learn, you learn, he learns…”

Over 800 peoples from 6 continents sign up and it had 120.000 unique views during the projects duration.

The program for the performance…. I learn You learn He learns.pdf

That artificial and artistic share the same word root is not accidental. The common Latin root is ars which encompasses our modern words for art, craft and skill. Both AI and the Arts are multidisciplinary fields that interested in perception, social organization, relationships between humans and objects, as well as the nature of intelligence itself. Likewise both AI and the arts have fluid borders between works of pure investigation and those with broad popular application. In diverse yet often parallel ways both artificial and artistic intelligence will profoundly shape the future of our society

Video of the live streamed online Opening, March 2, 2012 at 7:30 UTC+!
Lavardin, France, Art Gallery
Munich, Germany, Technik University Munich
Manno-Lugano, Switzerland, University

FLOSSIE 2012 Queen Mary University of London

“I learn, you learn, he learns…” participated at Flossie 2012 with a workshop and with the interactive installation, collecting data for its „intelligent agent“ which learns to dance.

The programme of Flossie 2012 …

The Other-AI Collective:

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