Forest Stillness

body + economy + ecology

ForestStillness is a research into the creation of a token based on stillness, whose proceeds could be invested in forestry projects.
Movement, in this case, non-movement: layers of stillness
As long as humans stand still, they won’t burn natural resources or generate waste.
The embodiment of non-movement creates awareness about dealing economically with the Earth’s resources, awareness about acting ecologically.
This project is conceived to be developed in a collaborative format within the MotionDAO ecosystem and to operate within the NEAR ecosystem.
In any case, as an artwork, this project goes beyond these boundaries and to be effective it will be presented in Museums, Festivals and online.

ReFi a stillness tokens

blockchain based, could be possible to generate an stillness-based token?

… when we allow trees to grow until the end of their lives… 

The calculation is simple: over 80 to 100 years, a tree absorbs about three tons of co2. That’s roughly the amount each of us produces in a quarter. So four trees planted each year offset our average personal carbon footprint.

body + economy + ecology

From body through Token to ecology.
I could plant a tree, and I do that. But the technology allows us to multiply the gesture.
This interface is an invitation to participate, to play this game … and playing this game, embodiment occurs.


It is a nice challenge to create an Token based in stillness … and it’s a nice challenge to keep still.
Stillness considered as no-movement is a form of movement, it is economy of movement. As no-consum it is no trash production and no waste natural resources. This is the economy of stillness.
.… and because I think a certain stillness is healthy. It is not needed to be meditation, it could be, but it is not necessary …
And it is embodiment!

embodiment + awareness

body || economy of movement || embodiment || awareness: triggering an embodiment process, which creates awareness.

Perhaps to create a stillness-based token may sound now like a fantasy, but in reality, it is not too far from feasible.
Thinking in terms of reliable „stillness tracking“, involving co2 avoidance, for example using smartwatch technology: why not then to receive carbon credits in this way?


Januar 2022

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