Forest Stillness

body + economy + ecology ForestStillness is a research into the creation of a token based on stillness, whose proceeds … Mehr

interactive urban screen, digital interface, open-art gallery and participatory platform.
Projekt, initiert und kuratiert von Mariana Carranza.

cuerpos de la memoria

Nips, Nifoé, Nema;
Nicteris, Nefelé, Nexis;
Rodopis, Rodonia, Ptilé …

el Alma y la Danza, Paul Vallery

swarm :: swan

project logbook 2015 Project concept together with french poet and artist Geneviève Morgan.Support by a private art collector to acquire … Mehr


Une odeur de fer, d’air humide, de pétrole brûlé, de sang et de larmes. Voilà ce qu’on hume devant l’installation de Mariana Carranza : Frontex 16.

ephemeral angels

… mimicking birds, humans become angels …

Interactive light-projections of winged images onto ephemeral elements.

following bees

following bees | Hong Kong ISEA 2016 and Open Sky Gallery ICC HongKong The existence of bees and humans are … Mehr


Interactive audio-visual installation. This artwork creates a participatory interface that aims to reflect on the act of looking, watching, observing, … Mehr


Medialab-Prado, Madrid
Generative interactive urban interface.
digital waves in a virtual sea – in a city in which water was one of its main resources and it has turned insufficient over the last decade.

I learn, you learn, he learns…

Other-AI :: Artistic Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence :: That artificial and artistic share the same word root is not accidental. The common Latin root is ars

mares y malabares

Propuesta seleccionada para su desarrollo colaborativo en Medialab-Prado, Madrid.


Interactive audiovisual installation
CCE, Montevideo 2010
Kulturstation, Frankfurt 2011
University of Chichester 2012