Forest Stillness

body + economy + ecology ForestStillness is an attempt to create a stillness-based token, the proceeds of which will be…

interactive urban screen, digital interface, open-art gallery and participatory platform.
Projekt, initiert und kuratiert von Mariana Carranza.

cuerpos de la memoria

Nips, Nifoé, Nema;
Nicteris, Nefelé, Nexis;
Rodopis, Rodonia, Ptilé …

el Alma y la Danza, Paul Vallery

swarm :: swan

project logbook 2015 Project concept together with french poet and artist Geneviève Morgan.Support by a private art collector to acquire…

ephemeral angels

Proyecciones interactivas de imágenes aladas sobre elementos efímeros.… imitando las aves, los humanos devenimos en ángeles … Interactive light-projections of…

following bees

following bees | Hong Kong ISEA 2016 and Open Sky Gallery ICC HongKong The existence of bees and humans are…


Interactive audio-visual installation. This artwork creates a participatory interface that aims to reflect on the act of looking, watching, observing,…


Medialab-Prado, Madrid
Generative interactive urban interface.
digital waves in a virtual sea – in a city in which water was one of its main resources and it has turned insufficient over the last decade.

I learn, you learn, he learns…

That artificial and artistic share the same word root is not accidental. The common Latin root is ars which encompasses our modern words for art, craft and skill. Both AI and the Arts are multidisciplinary fields that interested in perception, social organization, relationships between humans and objects, as well as the nature of intelligence itself.

mares y malabares

Propuesta seleccionada para su desarrollo colaborativo en Medialab-Prado, Madrid.


Interactive audiovisual installation
CCE, Montevideo 2010
Kulturstation, Frankfurt 2011
University of Chichester 2012

große Brennnessel

participative performance
BUGA München 2005

Se abre la verja del jardín
con la docilidad de la página
que una frecuente devoción interroga
y adentro las miradas
no precisan fijarse en los objetos
que ya están cabalmente en la memoria.